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B Bar Edinburgh is for music lovers, locals, visitors, corporate, students, friends, musicians and fans of live music performance. All through the weekend, we showcase some of the best live music that Edinburgh has to offer. B Bar Edinburgh is open every weekend so why not head down early, chillout at our comfy lounge, have a drink and listen to music before the live music starts to check out the always great selection of bands and artists. There's no genre discrimination here and we play a wide spectrum of artists and bands. You can check out big bands, small bands, medium-sized bands and sometimes really famous bands playing all kinds of genres. We like to mix it up, so the main criteria we have when we’re booking is that it sounds fantastic.

AUGUST  2023

Fri 04 Aug      08:30pm       Dirty Betty
                             11:30pm       Nicole Smit Band

Sat 05 Aug     08:30pm      Dustbin Dukes
                             11:30pm       Paul Brand Band

Sun 06 Aug    08:30pm       MB3
                             11:30pm       Dirty Betty

Mon 07 Aug   08:30pm       The Sunshine Delay                                            11:30pm      Amber Lights

Tue 08 Aug     08:30pm      Amber Lights
                              11:30pm      Paul Brand Band

Wed 09 Aug  08:30pm      Guilty As Sin
                             11:30pm       Aaron King Duo

Thu 10 Aug      08:30pm      The Invaders                                                          11:30pm        Dirty Betty

Fri 11 Aug         08:30pm      Amber Lights
                             11:30pm       Nicole Smit Band

Sat 12 Aug       08:30pm      Detroit Love Project
                              11:30pm      Nicole Smit Band

Sun 13 Aug      08:30pm      Flying Macarons
                              11:30pm      Paul Brand Band

Mon 14 Aug    08:30pm      MB3
                              11:30pm      Amber Lights

Tue 15 Aug      08:30pm      Dirty Betty
                              11:30pm      Aaron King Duo

Wed 16 Aug   08:30pm       Paul Brand Band
                             11:30pm       Dustbin Dukes

Thu 17 Aug      08:30pm       The Invaders                                                           11:30pm       Dustbin Dukes

Fri 18 Aug        08:30pm       Velvet Scooter Band
                             11:30pm       Dirty Betty

Sat 19 Aug      08:30pm       Detroit Love Project
                             11:30pm       Paul Brand Band

Sun 20 Aug    08:30pm       Dustbin Dukes
                             11:30pm       Juno

Mon 21 Aug    08:30pm       The Sunshine Delay                                           11:30pm       Aaron King Duo

Tue 22 Aug     08:30pm       Amber Lights
                             11:30pm       Paul Brand Band

Wed 23 Aug   08:30pm      Dustbin Dukes
                              11:30pm      Dirty Betty

Thu 24 Aug     08:30pm      Amber Lights                                                          11:30pm      Belle Cartel

Fri 25 Aug       08:30pm       Dustbin Dukes
                             11:30pm       Belle Cartel

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